- Your OWN -


Olney Winery offers a unique make-your-own-wine experience. Come in, choose your favorite Olney Winery wine, work with our winemakers, and create a custom batch of wine. You will then work with our graphic designer to create a unique, one of a kind, wine label. You get to learn about the winemaking process and walk away with 27-29 bottles of wine (batches range from $425-$750).


Whether you love wine and are interested in learning more about it, looking for a fantastic gift, want the perfect touch to an upcoming wedding or event, or just looking to try something new and have some fun, our make-your-own-wine experience is definitely something you need to try. Check out all the fun you can have when making your own wine:




Taste It

Pick your favorite Olney Winery wine to make

Clean It

Bacteria is wine's worst enemy, so we make sure that every little part is completely, 100% germ free

Juice It

You can't have wine without grapes!

Water It

Because a full bucket of wine is better than half a bucket of wine

Mix It

Why yes, you do get to use power tools when making wine.

Measure It

Get a glimpse into the future... we'll teach you exactly how to tell what your wine's alcohol content will be after fermentation.

Tannin It

Add in all the yummy goodness of grape skins and oak!

Sprinkle It

Yeast has magical powers that makes bread rise and turns sugar into alcohol!

Seal It

We're not letting anything (or anyone) get into your wine baby!

Ferment It

We'll hold onto your wine baby and keep it safe while it transforms from juice to wine (approximately 45 days).

Bottle It

It's time for your wine to find it's new home!

Cork It

Finally! A time when you can yell "put a cork in it!" without being considered rude!

Label It

You can't let your wine go naked! Let the world know that this is YOUR wine that YOU made!

Foil It

Time to put your wine's fancy pants on!

Taste It

Ahhhh...time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!