Party with The Winery!

Birthdays – Ÿ Anniversaries  -Ÿ Milestones -Ÿ Reunions

Olney Winery is the perfect place to host your next event! We offer a unique and memorable experience as well as keeping your event personal and fun. We have a large variety of award winning wines ranging from sweet to dry and from bold to light. All of your guests will be wine lovers by the end of the event!


You can reserve a table, the Cellar or the entire winery based on the size of the event. We have a TV with an HDMI hook up so you can show slideshows and presentations for your guests and you can create a custom wine label for an added personal touch. No outside food other than celebratory cakes, cupcakes, or any dessert item are permitted.


What can you do at a Winery party?




  • Make your own wine!
    • Come in with your guests and work with us to create a custom batch of wine that yields 27-29 bottles of wine (or 55-58 375 ml bottles).
    • Learn about the winemaking process.
    • After approximately 45 days, when the wine has fermented, been stabilized, and filtered, you and your guests get to come back in and bottle, cork, foil, and label your wine.
    • While your wine is fermenting, you work with our graphic designer to create the perfect custom label!
  • Bottle your own wine!
    • If you want your guests to leave with a bottle of wine as a party favor, we can make a batch of wine for you and you can have a bottling party!
    • Come in and bottle, cork, foil, and label your very own bottles of wine!
    • Prior to your party you work with our graphic designer to create a custom label.
  • Private Wine Tasting!
    • Choose up to 4 wines for you and your guests to sample and learn about each wine.
    • Purchase additional glasses and bottles based on everyone’s favorites.
  • Bottle and glass service!
    • You and your guests can purchase bottles and glasses of your favorite wines.


Whether you’re having a 100-person celebration or a 5 person gathering, a birthday party or bachelorette party, or just a night out with friends, we make sure that your party is one to remember! Call us today to start planning your next event!


“Olney Winery was a fantastic place to hold a surprise birthday party for my wife. The location is convenient, the atmosphere is fun & relaxed, and the staff accommodated every need. Being a home winemaker myself for many years, I was also surprised and delighted to enjoy so many nicely finished wines. Thanks for making this special day a memorable one for all of us.” – Mike D’Onofrio
“I have been to many gatherings at the winery and some that they have put on elsewhere (grape stomp, etc.). It is ALWAYS a great time with friendly, classy people. I love Olney Winery!” –Terri MaGee