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Vino 1800 – 2 bottle wine club

By joining the Vino 1800 Wine Club you will receive a monthly exclusive dry wine, red or white. Then you can choose as your 2nd bottle any wine from our wine wall.

Vino di Frutta – 2 bottle wine club

Vino di Frutta club members will get a monthly exclusive fruit wine and a choice of any of our fruit wines as their second bottle.

new to the winery – 3 bottle wine club

Every three months we will ship your exclusively made wine club selections directly to your home.  Many of our customers have been asking for this, especially those living outside the immediate area.

Vino 1800 Wine Club

$39.95 per month

Vino di Frutta Wine Club

$34.95 per month.

3 bottle Wine Club

$84.95 quarterly *Price INCLUDES shipping


Vino 1800:

Soave wines come from the Veneto region of Italy and are blends of Garganega, Trebbiano, and Chardonnay. Aromas of stone fruit and lemon curd, and it’s simply a juicy tart sip of pure deliciousness.

Vino di frutta:

White wine infused with honeydew flavors. Juicy and full of melon aromas. Light bodied with a little tart finish to balance the sweetness.

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